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Chanting allows us to immerse ourselves in the eternal Now.

Chanting is as old as humanity itself – every culture knows forms of chanting.

The energetic vibration of our voice connects us with the spiritual light. The spiritual light is made up of memory, the here and now as well as the future. As we chant, the universe speaks to us in form of intuition, inspiration, metaphoric pictures and visions.

Chanting involves masculine and feminine energies. The feminine brings down the power of sound from the spiritual realm and the masculine is capable of expressing it.

If we wish to become aware of cosmic connections, chanting offers us the most direct possibility. The more we chant, the more we deepen our consciousness for the subtle level of our existence, for the “spiritual”. Hildegard von Bingen said singing allowed her to experience the true meaning of that word.

The combination of voice, breath and visualisation is the most effective way to activate and harmonise the Chakras and thus our spiritual and physical health. The vocal chords are the highest nerve centers and connect the higher with the lower levels.

The chanter is a miniature universe. He or she unites heaven and earth. By breathing in we absorb heaven-energy, by breathing out we take in earth-energy. With every in-breath we give life meaning and create our universe. With every out-breath the universe is given new life.

A true human being is a listener. The quality of humility comes from the capability of inner and outer hearing. The ear was created in order to give. Listening is giving. Giving is one of the holy arts.

Translation: Marion Starck