Pure Sound Meditations and Chantings


Neues Album November 2022

Ein einstündiges Erde-Kosmos-Ritual. Meditiert mit akustischen Instrumenten in  432 Hz Stimmung. Musik für Meditation und Raumatmosphäre.

Marcus Reichard Piano (Steinway D-274), Monochord und Perkussion

Dominique Starck Gitarre (Walter Vogt 1984), Shrutibox und Perkussion

Sounddesign: Steven Parry

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Dominique Starck Guitar Marcus Reichard Keyboards/Piano

Music for Meditation and Clearing Space. The Essence of Form is Emptiness

Cosmic Tuning 432 Hz

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November 2021



Alben 2020



Geomantie: www.geosoma.ch

Interview mit Dominique Starck über sein neues Buch
weitere Informationen bei www.chalice-verlag.de

Dominique Starck ist Preisträger des Akademia Award (USA) for Best Ambient-Instrumental Album 2016



Markus Schaefer

„The Listener“ December 2022 for Dominique


The Listener


Senses open,

His being perfectly still.


Mirror-smooth water

Sensing the smallest of tremors,

Waves interfering, patterns appearing,

In a palimpsest of the world around him,

Resonance reaching far.


A winter coat brushing against the old crypt’s pillars,

An adjustment of posture,

An audience silently breathing in the dark.

The soft hiss of candles lighting a millenium of stories etched into walls and ceiling,

And deep below, a layline connecting continents.


Listening to the earth‘s resonance

Seeking a glimpse of the eternal in a world that is fleeting and noisy.

Roots growing, tree bark expanding, stones forming and dissolving again,

Frequencies to be counted in hours, years, centuries even.

A planet alive – speaking – if only we were patient and receptive enough.


And then  –

Weaving into this thick tapestry of stolen stillness

The silvery sounds of a guitar

Which he carries, cradled into his arms,

Listening forward

And leading his audience back up

Into the world.


Markus Schaefer 2022